The ACA is not dead. But things clearly did not work out as its initial organizers hoped and expected during the past two years, due both to internal failures, and to tragic and unfortunate human and political events that had dramatic negative effect on the entire firearms community and industry.

The ACA organization is therefore being entirely overhauled to re-focus on its core mission: to facilitate industry-supported access to firearms familiarization and training for new and first-time firearms purchasers. The ACA will no longer have a competition component, and no formal membership will be required to access ACA services.

All existing and previous ACA Annual Memberships are being extended for lifetime duration. All ACA Life members have been sent a check for $275, representing a refund of the balance of their ACA Life Member dues. The $25 retained is what covered the cost of the membership card, gold ACA pin, ACA sticker, and shipping & handling charges from the ACA’s fulfillment vendor. Such cards and pins will continue to be available to supporters who desire them.

We have temporarily shut down the ACA website until it can be rebuilt to reflect the new organizational structure and priorities.

We genuinely apologize for all our failures to meet your expectations.

Thank you for your previous support.


ACA Interim Management Team

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